APRIL 6.-9.


AK Extreme is a four day festival with events scheduled at Mt. Hlíðarfjall and in downtown Akureyri.


For the main event we construct a terrifying Big Jump set up out fifteen shipping containers from Eimskip, smack dab in the middle of town.

This winter, alongside the traditional BURN Jib Session in downtown Akureyri, we are premiering a so-called AK-X Downhill Competition at Mt. Hlíðarfjall.


Last year’s edition saw over 7000 spectators turn out to enjoy the sketchy huck-fest that is the Eimskip Big Jump competition in the center of Akureyri.




The main event is the Eimskip Container Big Jump in downtown Akureyri. The event is scheduled for Saturday night and broadcast on national television. Foreign enthusiasts can also enjoy it through the internet . The event is strictly invite, with only top riders with the required guts to handle the extreme sketchiness of the drop-in participating.


The competition is broadcast live on-site on a Jumbotron, where spectators can enjoy recaps and other related material.




BURN Jib-session is in Akureyri center with music and mayhem. Burning rails, music and famous riders gives the night a

fantastic event.


The session ends with party in our local party place.


The AK-X Downhill

at Mt. Hlíðarfjall


Almost like a Chinese Downhill, the competitors start at the top of the mountain and race for the bottom, the difference being numbered poles stuck randomly in the slope on the way down. Those who manage to snag one of these poles enter a lottery draw with 3-4 four prizes drawn, no matter if they finish first or last. As an added feature, contestants are required to carry an open can of the BURN Energy Drink with them, where the amount of spillage is measured for added time.


The race will be followed by an on-hill barbecue party with a DJ, before people depart for more excitement downtown.




Downtown Akureyri will see a local venue play host to three consecutive nights of concerts by many of the most acclaimed Icelandic artists in genres ranging from electro, punk and metal, with the occasional DJ playing a set as well.



The  Crew

Ingólfur Ólsen

Project Manager / Owner

gsm: +354 691 2345

Egill Tómasson

Production / Booker / Owner

gsm: +354 771 8895

Hilmar Þór Sigurjónsson

Project Manager / Owner

gsm: +354 771 6816

Sigurður Árni Jósefsson

Ak Extreme Founder / Owner

gsm: +354 662 0045

Hreggviður Ársælsson

Marketing / Designer / Owner

gsm: +354 897 4313

Ak Extreme